Instagram Introduces New Stickers for Stories and Reels: Reveal, Cutouts, and More

Instagram Introduces New Stickers

Instagram Introduces New Stickers for Stories and Reels: Reveal, Cutouts, and More

Instagram, the popular photo-sharing platform, has rolled out a suite of exciting new interactive stickers for Stories and Reels. These features aim to enhance user engagement and provide creative ways for users to share content with their followers. Let’s dive into the details:

1. Reveal Sticker

The Reveal sticker is perhaps the most intriguing addition. When you use this sticker in your Story, it blurs the content, creating a sense of mystery. Viewers can only uncover the hidden content by sending a direct message (DM) to the poster. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a Story: Tap the stickers icon while creating a Story and select the “Reveal” option.
  2. Add a Hint: Type out a hint about the blurred content. This hint will encourage interaction between you and your followers.
  3. Post the Story: Once your Story is live, followers can reveal the hidden content by sending you a DM.

Creators can leverage the Reveal sticker to boost engagement and keep their audience curious.

2. Cutouts

The Cutouts feature allows users to transform parts of videos or photos from their camera roll into custom stickers. Similar to Apple’s image cutout tool, you can easily “pick up” an object from a photo or video with just a tap of your finger. These custom stickers can then be added to both Stories and Reels.

3. Add Yours Music

The Add Yours Music sticker lets you share songs that match your current mood. When you use this sticker, it prompts your followers to do the same. It builds upon the existing “Add Yours” sticker, which encourages users to respond to Stories based on specific prompts or topics.

4. Frames

Remember the nostalgia of Polaroid photos? The Frames feature brings that feeling back. It turns your photos into virtual Polaroids. To view the photo, followers can either shake their phone or click the “Shake to reveal” button. The frame automatically includes the date and timestamp when the photo was taken.


With these new stickers, Instagram continues to evolve its platform, offering users fresh ways to engage with their audience. Whether you’re a creator, a casual user, or a storyteller, these features provide exciting opportunities to express yourself.

Stay tuned for more updates from Instagram as they keep innovating and enhancing the user experience!

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Feel free to explore these new stickers on Instagram and let your creativity shine! 📸✨

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