Apple Launches iPad Pro with OLED Screen and M4 Chip

Apple iPad Pro

Apple Launches iPad Pro with OLED Screen and M4 Chip

Apple has recently unveiled its latest iPad Pro models, featuring exciting upgrades and powerful hardware. Let’s dive into the details:

  1. Ultra-Thin Design:

    • The new iPad Pro is remarkably thin, making it Apple’s slimmest device ever.
    • The 11-inch model measures just 5.9mm in thickness, while the 13-inch model is equally sleek.
    • Both models are lighter than their predecessors, with the 11-inch version weighing 0.98 lbs and the 13-inch version weighing 1.28 lbs.
  2. Vibrant OLED Screens:

    • Unlike previous models, the new iPad Pros come with OLED screens called Ultra Retina XDR.
    • These OLED panels use a technique called Tandem OLED, delivering 1000 nits of brightness and an impressive 1600 nits of peak brightness.
    • Expect brighter, deeper, and more detailed visuals compared to the Retina XDR display on the previous Pro models.
  3. M4 Chip Powering Performance:

    • The new iPad Pro models feature Apple’s latest silicon, the M4 chip.
    • Built on second-generation 3nm technology, the M4 chip boasts:
      • 10-core CPU (with 6 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores).
      • An entirely new display engine.
      • Remarkable performance, equivalent to the M2 chip but at half the power.
      • 4x faster performance than the last-gen Pro and 10x faster than the original iPad Pro.
      • 16-core neural engine capable of performing 38 trillion operations per second—faster than any NPU in current PC processors.

  1. Storage Options:

    • The base storage has been doubled to 256GB.
    • Additional storage variants include 512GB1TB, and 2TB options.
  2. Camera and Flash Enhancements:

    • The iPad Pro features a 12MP camera paired with a LIDAR scanner.
    • An Adaptive True Tone Flash improves document scanning capabilities.
    • The front-facing camera and Face ID have been repositioned horizontally.
  3. New Accessories:

    • The new iPad Pro models come with an updated Magic Keyboard.
    • The Apple Pencil Pro features a matte finish, haptic feedback, and the ability to be tracked using Find My.

The combination of OLED screens, the powerful M4 chip, and enhanced accessories makes the new iPad Pro a compelling choice for creative professionals and tech enthusiasts alike.

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